Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Gay Marriage is a Civil Right?

Pastor Miles has it exactly right. A person's ethnicity can, in no way, be compared to their choice of a partner. You have no choice in the color of your skin (unless you're Michael Jackson), but you have full control over the person you choose to be with. You are not "born that way," you choose that life, and you have every right in this country to be with whoever you choose to be with. But it is a choice, not something that "just is".

It is absolutely absurd the way that many have attacked Miss Prejean. She has been cast as a hateful person when the only hate coming out in this issue is the hate coming from her attackers. Supporting traditional marriage does not hinder gay/lesbians from being together. There is nothing hateful, or bigoted, about supporting traditional marriage. It is not an attack on the rights of anyone in this country. I don't understand how the gay/lesbian community expects everyone to be accepting of their lifestyle when many in that community are so hateful of anyone who disagrees with them. Marriage is one man/one woman. Marriage is a religious institution, if you want to claim that my support of that is an attack on you, then I claim that you're support of gay marriage is an attack on my right to practice my faith., plain and simple.

Now I'm not hateful or a bigot. I fully, and completely, support the right for every person in this great country to be with whomever they chose. I may not approve of your choice to be gay, but it is your right and I support that right. Civil unions are what I support in substitution of gay marriage. I have an issue with the naming of it because marriage is not a government institution, it is a religious one. I support the rights of all Americans and respect your point of view, please respect mine.

Monday, May 4, 2009

The Judicial Branch Does Not Legislate!!!

The judicial branch of government does not legislate, that job is supposed to be the responsibility of the legislative branch of government, you know, Congress. This is what I was taught in middle and high school and now in college. Apparently Obama's leading Supreme Court Justice candidate, Sonia Sotomayor, does not agree with that teaching, or the Constitution.

"Court of Appeals is where policy is made"!?! Where the hell does Obama find these people. This administration wants to talk about the rule of law and the Constitution yet considers people like this woman, people with complete disregard for the Constitution, people that think this is something to laugh about, for one of the highest positions in the United States judicial system and government. Judges like Mrs. Sotomayor are exactly what is wrong with our courts...The Judicial Branch DOES NOT Legislate!

Iran Proves Again It Cannot Be Trusted

FoxNews.com-"Reporters Without Borders says the American journalist on a hunger strike for two weeks to protest her imprisonment in Iran was briefly hospitalized after she intensified her fast by refusing to drink water."

Interesting, I thought she was not on a hunger strike? That's what the government of Iran told the world, "Iranian Judiciary spokesman Alireza Jamshidi, however, was quoted as saying on Tuesday by ISNA that she was in 'good shape'." PressTV.

It amazes me that someone, who is in "good health" and not on a hunger strike, would have to be hospitalized because of a lack of water. Either the water was not being provided, or the journalist, Roxana Saberi, really is on a hunger strike; either way Iran is lying.

Iran has continued to prove that we cannot trust that government, from the kidnapping of British military personnel to the comments about "wiping Israel off the map" to the ridiculous 8-year sentence of this woman. Even after all these things the Obama administration, and many more on the left, want to take a weaker, more "diplomatic" approach. They want to take some of our options off the table. With a hateful regime, such as that of Iranian President Ahmadinejad, we cannot afford to take any options off the table. I can only hope and pray that the Iranian people wise up and get this animal out of office. For their sake, and the sake of the world.

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