Monday, May 4, 2009

Iran Proves Again It Cannot Be Trusted"Reporters Without Borders says the American journalist on a hunger strike for two weeks to protest her imprisonment in Iran was briefly hospitalized after she intensified her fast by refusing to drink water."

Interesting, I thought she was not on a hunger strike? That's what the government of Iran told the world, "Iranian Judiciary spokesman Alireza Jamshidi, however, was quoted as saying on Tuesday by ISNA that she was in 'good shape'." PressTV.

It amazes me that someone, who is in "good health" and not on a hunger strike, would have to be hospitalized because of a lack of water. Either the water was not being provided, or the journalist, Roxana Saberi, really is on a hunger strike; either way Iran is lying.

Iran has continued to prove that we cannot trust that government, from the kidnapping of British military personnel to the comments about "wiping Israel off the map" to the ridiculous 8-year sentence of this woman. Even after all these things the Obama administration, and many more on the left, want to take a weaker, more "diplomatic" approach. They want to take some of our options off the table. With a hateful regime, such as that of Iranian President Ahmadinejad, we cannot afford to take any options off the table. I can only hope and pray that the Iranian people wise up and get this animal out of office. For their sake, and the sake of the world.

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