Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Gay Marriage is a Civil Right?

Pastor Miles has it exactly right. A person's ethnicity can, in no way, be compared to their choice of a partner. You have no choice in the color of your skin (unless you're Michael Jackson), but you have full control over the person you choose to be with. You are not "born that way," you choose that life, and you have every right in this country to be with whoever you choose to be with. But it is a choice, not something that "just is".

It is absolutely absurd the way that many have attacked Miss Prejean. She has been cast as a hateful person when the only hate coming out in this issue is the hate coming from her attackers. Supporting traditional marriage does not hinder gay/lesbians from being together. There is nothing hateful, or bigoted, about supporting traditional marriage. It is not an attack on the rights of anyone in this country. I don't understand how the gay/lesbian community expects everyone to be accepting of their lifestyle when many in that community are so hateful of anyone who disagrees with them. Marriage is one man/one woman. Marriage is a religious institution, if you want to claim that my support of that is an attack on you, then I claim that you're support of gay marriage is an attack on my right to practice my faith., plain and simple.

Now I'm not hateful or a bigot. I fully, and completely, support the right for every person in this great country to be with whomever they chose. I may not approve of your choice to be gay, but it is your right and I support that right. Civil unions are what I support in substitution of gay marriage. I have an issue with the naming of it because marriage is not a government institution, it is a religious one. I support the rights of all Americans and respect your point of view, please respect mine.


  1. I got married in Las Vegas (to a woman, by the way just so you don't go into apoplexy) by some dude who got his doctor of divinity degree online. Ya know what, kiddo? I am as married as anybody on earth. It's a legal deal, not religious. Hopefully, as you age, you will become wiser and accept people for who they are. Nobody "chooses" to be something discriminated against legally. By the way, O'Reilly is a pervert so you really should stop putting him up there.

  2. I do accept people for what they choose to be. But it is exaclty that...a CHOICE. And I support gays' right to be gay and have partners.

    As for marriage, it is a religious issue first. There is a reason that, throughout history, marriage has been preformed by clergy. I also made it very clear that I completely, and whole-heartedly, support everyone's right to be with whomever they CHOOSE. I'm not discriminating against anyone, and if you want to play that card, most of the venom that get spewed out over this issue comes from gay marriage supporters...not traditional marriage supporters(with the exception of the Westboro Baptist Church bigots).

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